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Workshop com Julio D’Escriván
11 a 15 de Maio 2015 | 14h-19h30 | FBAUP

Workshop: Cinema Expandido, do Live-coding ao Live-Cinema

Julio D’Escriván, Universidade de Huddersfield, UK…

Datas do Workshop:
11 a 15 de Maio 2015, 14h-19h30, Faculdade de Belas Artes da U.Porto

Performance no Porto:
15 de Maio, 23h30, Passos Manuel, Porto

Performance em Vila do Conde:
16 de Maio, 22h, Centro de Memória, Vila do Conde

Custo de inscrição:

Número máximo de participantes:

Prazo limite para inscrição:
1 Maio 2015, por email para incluíndo um CV resumido em PDF

Julio D’Escriván teaches music for the moving image at the University of Huddersfield and is the director of the Sound-Music-Image Research Centre within the School of Music. In his activity as a composer, laptop performer, video artist and improviser, Julio has made extensive use of live-coding techniques and approaches.

The present workshop proposes to develop an audiovisual performance with the group of participants, using live-coding approaches that will be introduced to participants in the first sessions and used in articulation with a range of systems and tools – depending also on the participants skills – for the production of moving images and sound. Participants will be organized in groups that will develop a multi-part performance during the six five sessions of the workshop, with two final presentations to take place in the evenings of May 15 and 16, at Cinema Passos Manuel (Porto) and Centro de Memória (Vila do Conde).

Participants will be introduced to Supercollider, Ixi-Lang and the Supercollider Pattern Library, starting from a low-level and conducting to the development of audio and midi/osc-control patterns that may be used in conjunction with video or VJ applications (as Resolume, VVVV, Max/Jitter, etc.) that can be controlled by live coding.

Plano de actividades:
Dia 1: Presentation, introduction to live-coding, individual machine setups; first steps: synthesis vs. patterns. Ixi lang; Supercollider; a look at Gibber (; a superficial look at Fluxus (
Dia 2: The Supercollider Pattern Library.: Basic Patterns. Hooking up to a DAW. First experiments.
Dia 3: Connecting with VJ software via MIDI. What to trigger?: Issues of synchrony. Thinking about audiovisual composition. Splitting into groups for initial project ideas.
Dia 4: Working in groups towards a performance idea
Dia 5, tarde: Set-up + rehearsals
Dia 5, noite: Performance in Porto
Dia 6, tarde: Set-up + rehearsals
Dia 6, noite: Performance in Vila do Conde

Students should bring their own computers and other audio/visual devices.

Curtas Metragens CRL

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